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Summer Skills Meets 2024

14th - 15th June 2025

We’re running UK summer skills meet to teach skills and build confidence in preparation for future WAAC events and your own alpine or UK mountain experiences.

We will have workshops for different levels 

Introduction to Mountain Skills  

Introduction to Rock Climbing

Advanced Mountaineering Skills

Multi pitch climbing skills 

Trad Lead Climbing Skills 

Trad Lead Climb Coaching

Sound like fun? Come join us!! Scroll down to find out more...

Introduction to Mountain skills 

This is a two day course - instruction price is £175 per person for the weekend.

This is ideal if you have a taste for the mountains but limited experience. You should be keen on walking and want to get out in the hills of the UK. Over the two days we will build your confidence in heading out into the hill and mountains of the UK. We will look at mountain navigation and how to find your way around the hills. How to plan a day in the hills using maps and the weather forecast. How to stay safe and what to do if you do need help. You will also experience some scrambling and start to learn how to route find and interpret a guidebook on a grade 1 scramble. 

Introduction to Rock Climbing

This is a two day course - instruction price is £190 per person for the weekend.

This two day course will allow you to get rock climbing outside. Ideal if you are a keen hillwalker wanting to start rock climbing, or an indoor climber wanting to make your first steps outside on rock. You will learn all the fundamental skills to develop your own understanding of how to stay safe. Do some bouldering, and roped climbing and by the end of the weekend be more knowledgeable about how to progress your own rock climbing outside. 

Advanced Mountaineering Skills 

This is a two day course - instruction price is £250 per person for the weekend.

For those of you who are already keen hillwalkers and scramblers we will help you build confidence on the more exposed terrain available in the UK. This is the ideal two day course for those of you looking to head out to the alps and use safe travel tehniques to protect yourselves in alpine terrain too.

We will work on small ratios 1 instructor : 2 clients to maximise learning opprotunities and allow us to visit some of the more alpinesque scrambles in Snowdonia. 

Multi pitch climbing Skills 

This is a two day course - instruction price is £250 per person for the weekend.

If you are a keen wall climber and want to find out about multi pitch climbing this is the course for you. We will look at the differences between single and multi pitch climbing, gear and how to build safe belays, how to retreat off a multi pitch route. We will work on a 1 instructor : 2 clients ratio. 

Trad Lead Climbing Skills

This is a two day course - instruction price is £300 per person for the weekend.

Develop your climbing so that you can get on the top end of the rope. Learn to lead in a safe, friendly and supportive environment alongside women with the same aspirations. We will support you in developing the technical, tactical and  decision making skills required to safely climbs. 

NB - to support safe leading the weather will dictate if it is possible for you to be on the 'sharp end' or not. Our instructors are well skilled to make these decisions and explain to you how the weather and you skill level impacts on outcomes. 

Lead Climb Coaching

This is a two day course - instruction price is £300 per person for the weekend.

If you are already a trad lead climber then this may be the course for you. Perhaps you feel stuck at a grade, or you're lacking in confidence to say you want to lead a route. We will look as checking your skills and giving you feedback on how you can be safe independent climbers, as well as supporting you to develop your head game and confidence in gear. 

NB as with any lead climbing course the weather can impact on whether or not it is appropriate to have you leading for real. Our instructors are experience in delivering in all conditions and will still be able to develop your skills whatever the weather.

To find out more about the WAAC - 

North Wales Skills weekend FAQs

Weather: as with all the mountains in Britain the weather can dampen our enthusiam, but hopfully not our enjoyment. Being on the west coast of the UK, Snowdonia is right out there receiving all the weather that flies up the Atlantic. Your instructor will do what is best for the weather conditions and that may mean changing the objectives for the day. Whatever the weather we will endeavour to provide you with fun and safe days out. We may need to drive a little to allow this or perhaps adapt the aims of the day, more often than not we can find a way to provide a great day out. In North Wales we can often find somewhere dry (in the rain shadow of the mountains) to allow the best learning opportunities for you.

Make sure you have good waterproofs and boots so that you can look after yourself as well as possible in the rain. If you are struggling with any kit please contact Jenny as she has some waterproofs and rucksacks people can borrow from WAAC.

What will you will need to:

  • Bring your own boots/climbing shoes and day rucksack with suitable clothing

  • Advanced mountaineers & climbers need to bring their own helmets, harnesses

  • Accomodation can be booked through the WAAC if you would like to stay with other course members. 

  • Arrange your own transport for the weekend - please use our Facebook group to share lifts if possible.

Need to hire any kit?

Helmets, Harnesses & Rock Shoes

Please note this on the booking form 

Weather - the nature of being in the mountains means we can have not such great weather, and I know this worries some people. On weekends when the forecast isn't blue sky and sunshine we adapt our venues and route choices to provide you with equally informative days out learning about all the same things you would learn on a sunny day, plus you also get to learn how to look after yourself well when its rainy and windy, a bonus!!!

If you haven't got waterproofs then Jenny can help with a small supply of kit that the WAAC have been gifted by Patagonia. Let us know what you need and we will do our best to help. 

How do I book?

You need to book this course using a booking form here

On the booking form, please enter WAAC and the Course Name (e.g. WAAC - Intro to Mountain Skills / WAAC Intro to Rock Climbing/ WAAC - Advanced Mountaineering Skills / WAAC - Multi pitch climbing skills ).

A deposit 50% will be required to guarantee your space with the final balance being due within 4 weeks of course start date.


How does cancellation work?

If you cancel 4 weeks or more before the course starts then any course fees over and above the deposit will be refunded. If you cancel less than 4 weeks but more than 2 weeks before the course starts then you will be refunded 25% of the total course fee. If you cancel less than 2 weeks before the course starts then there is no refund. Mountain Expertise will make every attempt to run a course. However, if, due to circumstances outside our control like dangerous and/or unsuitable weather conditions, loss or theft of transport or incapacitating injury, we have to cancel a course we will refund all fees paid or find another suitable date.

You can read the full payment and booking terms here.

Don’t forget your insurance

Participation on a workshop will be covered by comprehensive professional insurance from Mountain Expertise. However, it’s recommended that you have your own personal injury/cancellation cover.This can be booked through companies like snowcard or the BMC.